Death is not the End

“Death is not the end,” my grandmother said to me, while watering the flowers of her garden.
“And what follows?” I asked naively when I was nine.

And my grandmother proceeded to tell me an old story. A legend of her people.

According to Guarani beliefs, after dying, the soul detaches from the body and hides inside a flower, waiting for a magical being to appear. The Mainimbú—the Guarani name for hummingbirds—, uses its long beak for taking the soul out of the flower and gently carries it to paradise.

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Is religion the main cause for gender inequality?

March 8th is the International Women’s Day, first organized back in 1909 in New York by the Socialist Party of America, but even hundred and ten years later, it seems not much has changed for millions of women around the globe. But it’s interesting to observe how this inequality of gender is accentuated in the more religious countries. Specially those practicing Islam.

Some of the most prominent advocates for feminism movement are Muslim, and this makes me wonder if, the feminist movement it has been boycotted from within by the beliefs of the same women fighting for their rights?

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Heart Failure

And there I was standing, surrounded by a multitude but feeling alone. Unable to see my soul reflected in the eyes in anybody. Except but one. The one who averted her eyes from me.

Have you ever wished for something with all your heart only to find that life conspires to keep it out of your reach? Of course you have. We all know the feeling of being a hamster running through the maze of crystal walls that we romantically call free will. Life presents you a handful of prizes, but you reject them, longing only for the one behind the glass. The unreachable one. The one denied to you. You may scream and curse and kick, but it changes nothing. Your desires fog up the glass, witnessing somebody else effortlessly taking what was sacred to you.

What did I want?


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