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The Beauty and the Beast

The other day I had the opportunity to attend to a fitness fashion show, which unlike the usual fashion shows, instead of the pale skeletal models the stage was full with well-nourished and surprisingly exercised women—which I prefer, I have nothing against thin bodies, but I do have something against self-inducted famine for the sake of glamour, anorexia is no joke.

The beautiful fit girls promenaded back and forth the catwalk displaying their curved but toned bodies. My eyes enjoyed the visual feast not only from the women on the stage, but also from the beautiful attendees that congregated to celebrate the cult to the body.

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Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?

Who have not experienced love at first sight at least once in a lifetime? Those that deny it, defined as crazy the idea of falling for a person the first time they met. And this notion is not new, the first record of the use of the term “love at first sight” comes from the Greek, that referred to it as: “The madness of the Gods” and used the so famous god of desire Eros—Cupid—to explain how two person can fall in love, darted by his arrow.

So, if love is madness, I ask, how mad is a person that falls in love at first sight?

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The Waterfall

The sun shines in the clear blue sky. The wind blows, carrying a fresh breeze with a smell of wet earth. Big, green trees move with the rhythm of the wind, like dancers pulled through the air. I feel the high grass hitting my knees and its softness when I step on it, hearing the cracking of dried leaves between big stones covered with brilliant green moss. Butterflies and insects fly about the flowers in the green fields, welcoming their new guest. I watch lizards posing on the brown bark of old trees, and I listen to the birds singing in the branches. Being part of such a beautiful show of nature, I am overcome by a delight of senses that arouse my imagination. I close my eyes and feel how the air fills my lungs with each breath. Continue reading “The Waterfall”

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