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Paper Birds

All mornings, bright birds show up at my window. Their jubilant canticles light up my room like sunbeams, displacing darkness back to its recondite corners. All the habitants of my dreams recluse themselves in the oniric reflection of my vivid reality.

My eyes adjust to the light, while my logic mind still battles to discern if my nightmares were just a product of my imagination. If people had truly visited me last night. If the events I witnessed were indeed an omen of the future. And if the fears embodied in beasts haunting me, were, in fact, real.

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Before the Dawn of Civilization there was violence, in its more tangible form—War. Some people believe that human being is inherently violent, and human temperament is a reflection of our repressed animal instincts in our process of domestication. Continue reading “It’s MINE”

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