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Ecclesiastical Marketing.

Pope Benedict removal and Pope Francis ascension to Saint Peter’s throne might respond to many things orchestrating inside the Church. In my case, as marketer, I’m puzzled by questioning this as a marketing move to increase—or recover—adepts. So I wonder if Pope’s Publicist and PR may have shared dormitory with the publicist of Lady Gaga, Miley Cirrus or the Kardashian’s gang in one of the Ivy League Schools.

Why I’m saying this? Because the recent declarations of the Pope may win the young adepts but as most of the public relations, pre-written statements are subject to contradictions. Should Church be worried? I think in fact, yes, because jeopardizes faith dogmas in which their entire religion is built upon.

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It was during the world cup fever that I read the first news of Médicins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) calling for international attention to content the new Ebola’s sprout. But media thought that news about soccer competition had priority. After all, world cup means money, and Ebola translates to money until becomes pandemic—when suddenly everyone becomes concerned by health and asking for a vaccine.

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