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I want Wings

When I was a child I was told, like many of us, the biblical story of Adam and Eve that basically explained how God created Eve from the subtracted rib of Adam. Furthermore I was also instructed about the concept of Heaven, that was depicted as a sky high place where everything is beautiful and everybody is happy. The purpose of our lives, as believers, is to make the right actions to be worthy to access Heaven in the afterlife, they explained.

Back then I resolved—with my childhood imagination—the puzzle to reach heaven. My reasoning told me that since heaven was a place high in the sky and the residents of heaven were mostly angels, I needed a pair of wings to fly over. But how I was supposed to get a pair of those feathered extensions and attach them to my back?

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Ecclesiastical Marketing.

Pope Benedict removal and Pope Francis ascension to Saint Peter’s throne might respond to many things orchestrating inside the Church. In my case, as marketer, I’m puzzled by questioning this as a marketing move to increase—or recover—adepts. So I wonder if Pope’s Publicist and PR may have shared dormitory with the publicist of Lady Gaga, Miley Cirrus or the Kardashian’s gang in one of the Ivy League Schools.

Why I’m saying this? Because the recent declarations of the Pope may win the young adepts but as most of the public relations, pre-written statements are subject to contradictions. Should Church be worried? I think in fact, yes, because jeopardizes faith dogmas in which their entire religion is built upon.

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Lucy’s Complex

Weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to see Lucy (2014) a film starred by Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, and Directed and Produced by Luc Besson. Even I am fan of early filmography of Besson like Le Dernier Combat (1983), Leon (1994) and Le Grand Bleu (1988), I was skeptical to attend, because of the recent disappointing work of Besson and the awful critics that were spinning around the net. Anyway, we went to the cinema.

The film is an action-packed movie in the style of the latest works of the director that exploits the unsubstantiated premise of the “hidden capability of the brain,” From my point of view, the movie was plagued with lousy synedoches, of the actual action interacting with footage of wildlife that instead of proposing a new understanding of the scene, only acted as pleonasm interrupting the continuity of the movie. Anyway I know Luc will not read (or care) about my cinematic perception, so let’s skip the cinematographic analysis.

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