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The Movie of your Life

Have you ever been in a difficult situation, in the verge of a decision, in which you take an option but a faint voice in your head tells you otherwise and you ignore it?

All of us know the outcome of this, the feeling of regret of ignoring that inner voice that somehow knew the outcome and tried to dissuade us of our choice. Some people grant this divination powers to intuition, a sixth sense, divine intervention, you name it… but what if I tell you that those voices are our own? Produced by a version of ourselves in a different circumstance, a different place… deprived of space and time… would you believe me?

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Lucy’s Complex

Weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to see Lucy (2014) a film starred by Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, and Directed and Produced by Luc Besson. Even I am fan of early filmography of Besson like Le Dernier Combat (1983), Leon (1994) and Le Grand Bleu (1988), I was skeptical to attend, because of the recent disappointing work of Besson and the awful critics that were spinning around the net. Anyway, we went to the cinema.

The film is an action-packed movie in the style of the latest works of the director that exploits the unsubstantiated premise of the “hidden capability of the brain,” From my point of view, the movie was plagued with lousy synedoches, of the actual action interacting with footage of wildlife that instead of proposing a new understanding of the scene, only acted as pleonasm interrupting the continuity of the movie. Anyway I know Luc will not read (or care) about my cinematic perception, so let’s skip the cinematographic analysis.

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