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And if your God causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away

A few years ago, I returned home from the gym around 1 pm. It was Saturday, I remember. And after the good training session I had, I was tired and hungry—I want to point out that being hungry is one of the things that make me ill-tempered. The fridge was empty, and the idea of going to buy groceries and cook something myself was discarded even before opening the fridge. So my options reduced to buy a pizza.

I went out and walked to the pizza restaurant two blocks away because I could not wait the thirty minutes of the delivery.

When I was half the way a guy sweeping the street called me: “Have you heard of Muhammad?”

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Hero or Tyrant?

Hero or Tyrant? A very thin line divides the two, one next to the other sometimes can be the same.

The only registries of our existence in this world are the archives of history, but even history it’s written by men, and mankind is subjective and capricious. Many of the greatest artists the world has known, lived an infamous life misunderstood by the society of their time and died in the anonymity, just for some centuries later the people could say “We were wrong.” Continue reading “Hero or Tyrant?”

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