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Every night I sit on the grass contemplating the everlasting universe, staring at the patch of stars that flutters excited like butterflies in spring. I search for the brightest couple that resembles your sparkling eyes.

The hours drain in the waiting for tomorrow thinking that if we share the same moon, the same stars and the same sky, we can’t be so separated from each other. Distance never separates two hearts that truly yearn for, because the will of my heart makes my mind travel to the end of the world to fulfill the dream of being at your side, imagining that I hold your hands and ask you if there is a way I can stay in your arms at least for a night.

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The Rented Room

The alarm rings at 5:55 am. The blinding incandescent light turns on. The bed buzzes and Sara, the Sexy Voice, counts down from five before retracting it into the wall. I roll to the floor. It’s not the hit but the cold tiles that finish the job of awaking me.

“Good morning,” Sara says empathically.

“G-good morning.” I yawn.

“Are you ready for another exciting day?”

I nod eyes shut and wave my hand to the camera at the top corner of the cramped room.

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